How would you describe your business?

I am in the business of helping others achieve their dreams

Of travel.  So many of us dream our entire lives of that time when

We can retire and begin traveling. I am in the business to make thosedestination-dream-travel-final

Travel dreams a reality even sooner than expected.

What was your biggest success story to date?

I would have to say opening this business has been my biggest success so far. Just

Being able to do this work and get paid for it is so rewarding. To see the smile on a

Childs face when their parents are able to take them on the trip they have been

Talking about for so long, gives you that warm fuzzy feeling that we all want.

What would be my ideal business opportunity?

My ideal business opportunity I would have to say would be to, negotiate a proposal with a cruise line to offer a retreat program for Veterans of all ages. So many need the peer time with each other in order to feel normal again. They need

That cometary with the only person that could understand their situation and feelings. I feel we need to give back to those that have already given so much.

What are the key benefits of CTO membership for you?

Most definitely the information base they have. Until I began my membership I had

Only travel to the Caribbean one time. Knowledge is power, and CTO has given me that power and information I need to succeed.

What has been your best experience at the CTO?

My best experience is being able to research for my clients. I have not only received

Helpful information but also learned about the culture and topography for my clients. I look forward to attending the convention in 2016.